About Us

The South Ukraine Windplant Project (SUW)

LLC Southern-Ukrainian Windelectrostation (SUWLLC) is a project company registered in Ukraine. SUWLLC is owned by Ukr Wind Investments Limited (UWIL), registered in Cyprus. UWIL is owned by David Lewis (UK), the families of Hodson Thornber (UK/US) and Lev Dulnev (US), and partners.

UWIL and its predecessor, WindEnergo, have been active in the Ukraine wind energy business since 1992. We have built seven wind plants: Syvash 1, Novoazovskaya and five plants in Crimea, totalling 96.5 MW. Those plants are equipped with 815 wind turbines of 100 kW and 600 kW capacity manufactured in Ukraine at former defence plants, and two 2.0 MW Toshiba pilot machines.

Following introduction of the Green Tariff in 2009, we developed and sold a 250 MW wind plant project in West Crimea.

After the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014, we turned to development of our second Green Tariff project, in Mykolayiv. It is the 300 MW SUW wind power plant located within the boundaries of the Kutsurub Village Council. We expect to start construction in 2020 for completion in 2022. The full investment in SUW will be approximately €450 million, creating 1,200 jobs during construction.

SUW works in cooperation with the community around its site and has provided funding for local roads and assistance with repairing a library, the village hall and the local water supply. SUW looks forward to continuing its cooperation with the local community during and after the construction of SUW.